Lite Light Poles Direct - Square Tapered Steel Pole Anchor Bolt Base

Square Tapered Steel Pole - 30 Feet, 6.2 Inches, 11 Gauge

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Base Plate Template

Pole Shaft

We use United States coil stock to fabricate the pole shaft. It is a weldable-grade, hot-rolled commercial quality carbon steel ASTM A-595 Grade A.  We guarantee minimum yield strength of 55,000 psi after fabrication. It is a one-piece construction with a full-length, longitudinal, high-frequency resistance weld and is square in cross section, having a uniform taper of approximately 0.10″ per foot in length.

Pole Base

We supply a full base plate cover. For poles that are 25′ and 30′, we provide a steel base cover. For poles that are 20′, 25′, and 39′, we provide a two-piece formed sheet steel base cover.

Lead Times

These poles are made to order. We will contact you within 1 business day after your order is placed with an estimated lead time. 

Pole Finish Options

Our standard pole finishes are Bronze, White, Black, Grey, and a Natural Aluminum Finish. Please contact us if you need a specific color other than what we have listed. 

Add On Options

For an additional cost we can add features to your order such as Mounting Brackets and Plates, Welded Nipples, Vibration Dampeners, Custom Base Covers, Welded Couplings, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, Winches, and More! Please contact us with specifications for your order. 

Vibration dampeners are suggested for poles 25′ and longer.

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